Davis Insurance Group is a trade name used by two different agencies. P&C Products offered through Davis Insurance P&C LLC. Life, Health, Long term Care and Medicare supplement products offered through S.J. Davis &
Associates. We are licensed to sell insurance in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida.
Do not cancel any insurance product until you have a replacement policy in place and paid for.
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      We provide quotes for homeowner, rental
properties, renters insurance, flood insurance,
Vacant buildings or personal umbrella policies.
      Homeowners insurance policies provides
coverage for your home, personal belongings,
other buildings on your property, loss of use
coverage, personal liability coverage and
medical payments to others injured on your
property. Generally, this type of policy is only
available to you if this is you primary residence,
a seasonal home or a secondary residence. A
standard (HO3) homeowners policy provides
coverage for all perils (Unless excluded).
      In coastal areas of North Carolina, it is
common to have a 1% wind and hail deductible
included on your insurance plan. This is a
separate deductible from your standard
deductible and only applies to damage caused
by wind or hail perils. This deductible is a
percentage of your dwelling amount (Example:
2% of $100,000 (Dwelling amount) would
make your wind and hail deductible $2,000.00 per loss). Some policies exclude wind and hail coverage completely.
In this case we would place your wind and hail coverage with the North Carolina Joint Underwriters Association.
      Homeowners (HO3) insurance policies also provide replacement cost coverage for your home, other structures
on your property and personal belongings in your home as long as your dwelling coverage amount is within 80% of
the full replacement cost at the time of loss. The replacement coverage is only to the policy limits unless you have
purchased the additional coverage rider available on most policies.
      There are four other types of North Carolina homeowners insurance policies. The (HO2) and (HO8) policies are
used when an (HO3) policy does not fit your needs. There is also an (HO6) policy for condo-owners and an (HO4)
for renters who just need coverage on their personal belongings only.
      Dwelling Policies: North Carolina dwelling policies (DP1, DP2 and DP3) are used for structures not occupied by
the homeowner. An example is rental homes and on the coast, mobile homes. These policies have similar
coverage's to homeowners policies but typically do not provide coverage for theft, liability, medical payments or loss
of use. Please give us a call for a complete list of coverages.
      This is only a brief description of North Carolina homeowners and dwelling insurance policies. For a complete
explanation or for a quote to fit your needs, please give us a call.
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