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& Associates
. We are licensed to sell insurance in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida.
Do not cancel any insurance product until you have a replacement policy in place and paid for.
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     Open enrollment for the 2020 plan year starts on
November 1st 2019 and runs through December 15th,
2019. You can only purchase and make changes to
these health plans during the open enrollment period.
You will have to qualify for a special enrollment period to
purchase or make changes to these health plans at
other times during the year. To see if you qualify for a
special enrollment, please give us a call.
     A short term medical plan may be a good alternative to Obamacare
health insurance plans. These short term medical plans can be
purchased at anytime during the year for terms of up to 3 years. In most
cases, short term medical plans are very affordable compared to the
Obamacare plans. Call us today to see if one of these plans would be a
good alternative for you to consider.
Group Health Insurance Plans

We can provide group health insurance plan quotes if you are self employed and are
incorporated or if you have 2 or more employees. These plans typically have lower
premiums then Obamacare individual plans unless you are receiving a subsidy.
Individual and Family Health Insurance
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