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  •     Starting January 1st, 2014 all new group health insurance plans will be
    required to be compliant with the new Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).  
    If you are currently on an older transitional group health insurance plan,
    you will be able to keep this plan until your renewal date in 2016 or 2017
    depending on the insurance company you are currently with.
  •     Employers with less than 50 full time equivalent employees (FTE) will
    not be required to provide health insurance benefits for their employees.  
    If an employer has more than 50 (FTE) employees and does not provide
    the required health insurance benefits, this employer could be subject to a
    fine from the federal government.
  •     What are the fines:
  •     The fine is $2000 per full time employee, per year minus the first 30 full
    time employees.  Example: you have 75 (FTE) employees working in your
    company. Of these employees, 45 are actual full time employees
    (employees working more than 30 hours a week).  You are not providing
    health insurance benefits for your employees and you have one of your
    employees take a subsidy from the individual health insurance exchange.
    You would then be subject to a fine of $30,000.00. (45 full time employees
    – 30 (we will call this a deductible) = 15 full time employees subject to the
    fine). The fine is $2000 per employee per year. (15 x $2000 = $30,000.00)
  •     There is a different fine that you could be subject to for not providing
    affordable minimum essential coverage, as defined by the new health
    care, for your employees.  If you have an employee draw a tax credit
    through the exchange, your penalty is as follows: The lesser of $3000.00
    times the number of employees drawing a tax credit on the exchange or
    $2000.00 times the number of full time employees minus the first 30
  •     Common Ownership? If you have more than one company, with
    common ownership as defined by the IRS, all companies will be
    considered as one when counting full time equivalent employees. This is
    used to determine if you are an employer that will be subject to the new
    penalties for not providing health insurance coverage for your employees.
  •     What is a full time equivalent employee? This is a formula that the
    federal government has provided, that includes both full and part time
    employees, to determine if you are subject to the new health insurance
    requirements.  If you would like to see how many full time equivalent
    employees you have, please visit Healthcare.gov.
  •     SHOP coverage: If you are an employer that has 25 or fewer (FTE)
    employees, you may benefit from a plan on the SHOP exchange.
    Depending on the income range of the employees, you could be eligible
    for the Small Business Health Care Tax Credit. Call us for additional
  •     Most states require a minimum of 2 employees to set a group plan up.
    In North Carolina we can set up a one person group on a company that is
  •     Group plans are not subject to the open enrollment period of
    November 1st to January 31st for initial enrollment. We can set up
    a new group plan or move you to a new company at any time
    during the year.
  •     If you are considering a group health insurance plan or would
    like to look at options to your existing plan, please give us a call
    and we will be happy to provide you with the information and plan
    selection that you need to make the best decision.
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